Six Ways To Make A Splash This Summer
friends jumping into a swimming pool

Can you believe that it’s already August? They say time flies when you’re having fun and we believe it – especially when you’re having fun in a pool from Aqua Leisure Pools and Spas. While spending time playing games in the pool is always a day well spent, how you get in the pool is just as important. So, why not spend the last month of summer perfecting your pool moves? Our pool professionals are here to share our favorite ways to jump into summer fun!

*For these pool moves, ensure that the pool’s water is an adequate depth to avoid injury.

The Classic Cannonball

This iconic pose is the most popular pool entrance by far, not to mention that it causes quite the splash. To master this move, begin by running towards the pool and jumping when you get to the edge. Once you’ve gone airborne, bring your legs up to your chest and wrap both arms around them. This move is sure to make waves – no, seriously!

The Walker

We’ve all tried this one, don’t deny it. But now it’s time to perfect it. Simply walk towards your pool and don’t stop. Just keep walking. The trick is to stand straight and make sure that your last step is farther out in the water to make your transition from land to water seamless.

Trust Fall

A trust fall is when you cross your arms against your chest, yell “trust fall!” and then fall into the arms of a friend, hoping that they’ll catch you. This move takes that concept and puts a twist on it. Instead of trusting a friend to catch you, you’re trusting the pool water. (Spoiler, the pool won’t let you down.) Stand on the edge of the pool with your back facing the water, cross your arms, and fall!

Reverse Dive

Most of us know what a dive is. You place your hands together and hold your arms straight out above your head, and jump into a deep body of water headfirst. Many divers go in looking at the water. But in a reverse dive, you look towards the sky by beginning the dive with your back facing the water.


Flipping into a pool is quite an impressive way to show off your skills. However, always be sure that the water is deep enough and that you aren’t too close to the edge of the pool, as you could hit your head. To flip, you jump, and while in mid-air, you tuck your body and roll. Before trying this move, perhaps practice on a mat or trampoline.

The Distance Jumper

Finishing off this list, we have the distance jumper. This move is very common, although people may not know that they’re doing it. To perform this pool move, you’ll need to get a running start. Once you reach the edge of the pool, push off and jump as far into the center of the pool as possible. Maybe even take turns with friends to see who can jump the farthest.

Splash this Summer with Aqua Leisure

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