Skin Benefits of Swimming
woman floating in a swimming pool with healthy skin

There are many benefits of swimming pools but what people don’t know is that swimming benefits your skin as well. Swimming has plenty of health benefits such as boosting circulation, which is the process of blood moving throughout the body that carries oxygen, nutrients, and removes waste. The circulation boost that one gets from swimming can improve your skin’s health by increasing the blood flow to vitalize and renourish skin cells. 

The blood flow and oxygen also carry away the waste of the skin. What happens is that the water gently exfoliates your skin as you swim. When swimming laps in the pool or just treading water, there is a smooth feeling on your skin as the water glides against it. What people don’t see is that the water is lifting away dead skin cells and exfoliating the dry patches. 

Acne Prevention in Chlorinated and Salt Water 

While the physical activity of swimming in the water has benefits, just being in the water can help your skin. Chlorinated water and saltwater have been proven to stop chronic acne. When the water removes any excess oils, it clears up breakouts. The antibacterial properties of chlorine as well help to strip away bacteria from your pores. 

For those with acne scarring, saltwater has healing properties too. The minerals in the water reduce inflammation, and the salt opens up pores to remove impurities. The minerals that help fight this are magnesium, calcium, and potassium. Each of these minerals has a  different role. Magnesium protects the skin from external damage and regulates cell regeneration. Calcium helps to maintain its natural moisture by working to produce sebum. Lastly, Potassium regulates moisture although it can’t be directly absorbed by the skin. 

Encourages Hydration 

As previously stated, chlorine and saltwater strip away oils and dries the skin. It’s because of this that most people need to apply lotion after swimming. The act of swimming can be seen as a series of skincare steps. Treading water circulates through and improves one’s skin, as the water strips the oils and aids with acne. The hydration of sunscreen prior to swimming also helps prevent dryness beforehand. 

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