Why Are Rectangular Pools So Popular?
rectangular pools

There are 10.7 million residential and public swimming pools across the United States, and the vast majority of them are rectangles. Rectangular inground pools have always been the most popular pool shape compared to others. In fact, the oldest pool on record, the Great Bath, is also rectangular in shape.

Why aren’t people swimming in circular pools or rhombus pools? What’s so interesting about a rectangle? We at Aqua Leisure have some ideas as to why rectangular inground pools are so ubiquitous compared to other popular pool shapes.

Utility of Rectangular Inground Pools

Rectangles are far from the most interesting shape for a pool, but they are useful. You can’t practice relay races in an irregular or geometric-shaped pool. The same can be said for the aforementioned circular and rhombus pools. This shape makes it simple and easy to swim back and forth, making it perfect for anyone training for the sport or who needs to learn to swim.

If you have kids you need to teach how to swim, or who you need to be safe, a rectangular inground pool is perfect. Even with a deep end, you can easily walk up the elevation of any of our rectangular pools. Pool safety hits its peak with this popular pool shape.

Rectangles Fit Well

Rectangles are one of the simplest shapes out there. With four straight sides, with varying lengths and widths, they offer freedom and simplicity. While some circular pools aren’t difficult to fit in your yard, geometric pools certainly can be. You can’t make a geometric pool fit into your yard, you have to fit your yard around the geometric pool.

L-shaped pools and free-form pools can be better or worse depending on the yard. Sometimes you can slot these pools into your yard or have them be shaped around how you want your yard to be. But more often than not, a rectangular pool can be slotted into a yard far easier than any other popular pool shape.

Freedom of Rectangular Inground Pools

While some things are consistent across all rectangular inground pools, they are not all the same. They come in different dimensions and accessories, so there are several different types you can have. To prove it, Aqua Leisure offers three different models of rectangular inground pools.

  • Athens: Inspired by popular pools from ancient Rome, it’s common to have this shape of pool installed in your backyard with water streams spraying from either side of the pool into it. It is typically far longer than most pools that are rectangular.
  • Rushmore: This is the most family-oriented of our rectangle-shaped pools. While the others are just as safe and can be paired with the same accessories, this is the one we see many families go with because of its size.
  • Continental: When you only have so much room, this rectangular inground pool has enough room to properly swim around, but isn’t as large or as yard-consuming as the other two types. If you’re looking for something that leaves you with some yard space, this is it.

Contact Aqua Leisure Pools and Spas for Our Rectangular Pools

We have several types of inground pools aside from our rectangular ones. If you want to get pools like your friends or get something different from everyone else, Aqua Leisure Pools and Spas can help you.

We offer over four different types of inground pools of varying shapes and sizes. We also have above-ground pools if that meets your needs better. For those who just want to relax, we also offer best-in-class spas. For those who want the ability to relax and exercise, we have swim spas.

You can visit the showrooms at any of our locations to see our pools and figure out which type would be best for you and your yard. Contact us today for your aquatic escape.