Is An Above-Ground or In-Ground Pool Right For You?
above-ground or in-ground

It’s no secret that once you decide to install a pool in your backyard, you will have many decisions to make. The first of many is whether to install an above-ground or in-ground pool. While this choice can seem incredibly daunting, as it is the biggest of them all, it’s easier than you think to figure out which option is right for you. The following are the advantages of both above-ground and in-ground pools, helping you decide which is the perfect option for you!

Above-Ground Pool – Pros


While it may seem like a pool is a luxury many can’t afford, this does not always have to be the case. On average, above-ground pools can range anywhere from $2,500 to $11,200, according to Forbes. Although this is still not any minor purchase, it is incredibly affordable compared to the money you would put down for an in-ground pool.

To give these pools some extra pizazz, there are a few features that can be added on for a decently small price. Lighting to illuminate your pool for nighttime swimming can be installed, and small fountains or waterfalls can be found for under $100. A bigger addition to up the look of your pool would be a deck that surrounds it, and while they can be pricier, it can be done in a “do it yourself” fashion for typically far less than the price of the pool.


Efficiency is a major convenience of above-ground pools. For starters, the setup couldn’t be quicker for such a major addition to your home. If done by a pool installation crew, you could have a pool ready for swimming in your backyard in as little as a day. This is a major time difference compared to in-ground pools – even with a crew, it can take several weeks to complete installation.

Additionally, no other pool is portable and can travel with you! If you decide to move, you shouldn’t have to leave your backyard oasis, nor should you have to find the funds to create a new one. These pools can be taken down in as little as a day, quickly becoming ready to be loaded into your moving truck and installed at your new home.


Finally, maintenance for above-ground pools is a lot easier than one would think, with many people not knowing that the maintenance varies between the two pool types at all. Due to how high they are off the ground, it is much more difficult for dirt or bugs to find their way into the pool. In addition, because they are typically smaller than inground pools, it’s a quicker cleanup when debris such as leaves blows in.

While you still need to stay on top of water testing and other standard maintenance, the process as a whole is much quicker and requires less effort. This is because above-ground pools have less water to test and add chemicals to.

If an incident were to occur and your pool was damaged, the fix would likely be incredibly cheap compared to what the equivalent would be for an in-ground pool. Maintenance being cheaper is another major perk of these pools, making it less likely you’ll ever be faced with a repair you can’t afford and leaving you stuck in a complicated situation.

In-Ground Pool – Pros


One undeniable negative of above-ground pools when compared to in-ground pools is the lack of options when it comes to appearance. Rectangular and oval shapes make up most of your options for above-ground pools, whereas in-ground pools come in many different shapes and sizes.

Another limitation is the size, with the maximum depth being around 5 feet and width around 41 feet for an above-ground pool. With these parameters, diving boards and swimming laps can be counted out. This means if you’re looking for a pool to be highly active in instead of for playtime, you need an in-ground pool.

Although some additional features can be installed, such as a deck surrounding the pool, lighting, or small elements, your choices are limited with above-ground pools. You will be unable to surround your pool with comfortable and trendy lounge furniture and other items that make it your own personal and gorgeous space, leading you to consider an in-ground pool instead.


In-ground pools have the protection of being in the ground. They’re built to endure many of the things above-ground pools aren’t, making damages a minor factor.

Although above-ground pools are built to last, in-ground pools last longer by a factor of decades. Outdoor elements and bad weather can easily damage the walls of your pool or the liner within an above-ground pool compared to an in-ground pool.


Even though it might seem like a pool could never hurt your chances of selling your home, this is not the case. While in-ground pools add value to the property, above-ground pools lack this luxury because they are temporary.

Interested In Learning More About Your Options?

When considering above-ground vs. in-ground pool options, it’s essential to consider your needs, budget, and backyard layout. After all, both pools have merits and drawbacks. It all comes down to your personal preferences and requirements. No matter your choice, both options promise endless fun and a cool retreat from the summer heat.

What about installing an above-ground pool, an in-ground pool, or other backyard features that may be more fitting? Visit an Aqua Leisure location today and learn more about what option is right for you. We’re passionate about helping you find the perfect fit for your lifestyle and space. Let’s make your dream backyard a reality.